Building on a solid foundation

Take it step-by-step, starting with a simple movable shape - within weeks you'll be using barre chords to play all those songs you weren't able to before

  • Step 1 - Preparing For Barre Chords

    Learn the power chord - the foundation of barre chords. This'll get your hand in the right position and is already useful for a variety of music, like rock, indie and more.

  • Step 2 - Developing Strength & Technique

    Worried your fingers aren't strong enough? I'm not! Learn the right technique so you can build strength and play barre chords easily.

  • Step 3 - Barre Chords

    At this point, we're ready to jump right in and learn the 2 most useful barre chord shapes. We learn to play them all over the fretboard and understand the (useful) theory behind it all.

  • Step 4 - More Barre Chords

    Learn a couple more barre chord shapes and finally have all the tools you need to play major and minor chords anywhere on the fretboard.

  • Step 5 - Cool Stuff You Can Do With Barre Chords

    Intermediate and advanced concepts are discussed in a simple way: triads, embellishments, quick switches, blues chords and more!

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When I teach my 1-on-1 students, these are the things that keep coming up - the exercises that stick.

  • Making and memorizing shapes + and all associated finger strength/technique

  • Usable fretboard knowledge - for learning and memorizing progressions along the fretboard

  • Your tone and sound (duration/chord shots/activating the low-end vs the high-end/percussive strumming)

  • Understanding what makes certain musical styles unique + building a repertoire

Course curriculum

Finally beat barre chords...

This course is based on real things faced by real people - it aims to address all those questions that come up throughout the learning process. At the cost of about 90 minutes of 1-on-1 instructional time, this course gives you 80 lessons, which will have you playing barre chords in a matter of weeks or even days.
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