"Barre chords" are movable shapes, used to play chords anywhere on the fretboard, in any key. But learning them is not so simple: strength, technique, positioning... there are many issues that prevent guitarists from learning this essenstial skill. To help, I've created a gradual path from the basic chords all the way to barre chords.


by James from GoodGuitarist

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Here's what you'll discover in
Barre Chords Made Easy

Chapter 1

It all starts with the power chord. It's a very easy-to-play, movable shape that makes up the "bottom half" of the full barre chord. We use it to start making music right away, build our technique and develop knowledge of the fretboard.

Chapter 2

By adding one more finger to our power chord shape, we get what many call, "the 90's shape." Using it, we navigate the E and A strings, and learn how to balance our fretting hand in order to maximize leverage instead of wasting strength.

Chapter 3

Time to reap the fruits of our labor and start playing barre chords! Using the "most useful barre shape" we hone our technique. I also show you a system for quickly recalling the correct shape and position to play any major or minor chord.

Chapter 4

We learn the other common barre shapes and further enhance our knowledge of the fretboard. With so many combinations and places to play each shape, we discuss an easy way to keep track of it all, so you can use the right chord shape when you need it.

Chapter 5

We use barre chords to do stuff we couldn't before - intermediate and advanced concepts discussed in simple ways: triads, embellishments, quick switches, chord scales and more.

As a Bonus, You'll Also Receive

  • Barre Chords Workbook

    Follow along at your own pace using this 22-page printable workbook. Includes a fretboard cheat sheet and flash cards - the same method I used to quickly memorize the fretboard when I was getting started. Contains all the exercises from the course, helpful diagrams and a list of key points and concepts.

  • Chord-Switching Library

    It's important to be able to switch between your chord shapes with precision and accuracy. This chord-switching library will show you the 10 basic chord shapes and help you focus on developing dexterity and being able to easily switch from chord to chord.

  • Lifetime Access To Future Upgrades

    This course is one of the cornerstones of my system for learning guitar. Your feedback is heard and I will be constantly improving all my courses to give you the best experience. More lessons, more song recommendations, more everything!

Reviews For Barre Chords Made Easy


jennifer manning

Finally! I've been playing guitar for years and afraid of the dreaded "F" barre. Now I'm learning how to play more than "F" and strengthening my hand.

Finally! I've been playing guitar for years and afraid of the dreaded "F" barre. Now I'm learning how to play more than "F" and strengthening my hand.

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Absolutely fantastic!

Thomas Michaud

Absolutely fantastic!

Absolutely fantastic!

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Don't let "C#m" stop you!

Develop the strength and technique, from the ground up, and conquer barre chords.

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